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New Community Church - Vision, Heritage and Mission


Our Vision:  Making Disciples to the Glory of God

The fellowship of New River Community Church is being made by Christ to boldly live out the Gospel of the Kingdom, passionately pursue unity in the Body of Christ, and sacrificially serve people in and outside His Church.  In the love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are going outside the camp – making and multiplying disciples to the glory of God.

Our Heritage:  The LIFE of Christ 

Early in our formation, God gave the fellowship of New River Community Church an acronym to guide its journey and “making”.  As our understanding of God’s vision expanded, and our mission changed with each ministry season, the acronym became a foundation and focus.  That acronym is LIFE.  It is our heritage and our passion.

L = Learning to hear and obey our Lord’s voice and to live under His reign, being trained in the wilderness but destined for glory, until we all come to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God so that He is fully formed in us.

I = Intimately pursuing our Bridegroom Lord through prayer, worship and fasted lifestyles, having a holy dissatisfaction with the glories of this age and sacrificially investing our lives for the age to come.

F = Following our Lord’s command to make and multiply disciples by unashamedly declaring the Gospel of the Kingdom to the lost and the least with an expectancy of attesting signs, wonders and miracles.

E = Encouraging one another through the dynamic gifts of the spirit and the laying down of our lives for every member of His Body both at New River and in Douglas County.

Our Mission:  Experience His LIFE

In this season of ministry, God is calling New River Community Church to a new, adventurous mission.  It is a mission that is “our going out to Him, bearing His reproach”.  It is a mission that will require the very life of Christ.  It is a mission to which we have been carefully and lovingly prepared.  It is a mission of love, grace and power.  The mission God is calling us to:


Go and experience the LIFE of Christ –

 Sacrificially serving His Body, the Church.